Summer Bucket List #2: I Read a Book!

So it’s Thursday again. And I haven’t completed another item on my bucket list…again. Because of the type of person I am, I considered quitting blogging all together. I’m pretty good at quitting. As a child I quit guitar, ballet, violin, gymnastics and probably a lot of other little things along the way. I realized a few days ago, though, that blogging is not like those other activities. Blogging is for me and I can do it however I want. Technically that means that I could quit if I so desired, but I’m trying really hard to ignore that easy out.

Long rambly intro aside, I am here today to talk about one of my favorite things in life. My love for reading developed at a young age and during the holiday season I realized that my ratio of reading for fun and reading for school had fallen to pieces. (What this really means is that I had been reading for neither.) To remedy this dilemma, I made a list of 52 books that I wanted to read in 2014. I have always been a fast reader, and one book a week really doesn’t sound like a daunting task while sitting on your couch over Winter Break. But it is now July and I have read 8 of the books on my list.

I have been trying to get back to reading this summer and while I was making my Summer Bucket List, I decided to add “Read 15 books” as a way to work towards my overall goal of 52 for this year. I may not get all the way back on track before the semester starts, but I’m working on it. Right now I am reading Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen. One of my best friends (hey, Kevin) told me to read this book many moons ago and I just really love the circus, so I decided to give it a try.

I want that coat/jacket/shiny thing.

Usually I like to read a book before I see the movie version or even know the movie casting, and although I have not seen the movie I am aware of the actors who play the lead roles. I’m having a hard time picturing Edward Cullen and Elle Woods as these characters right now…we’ll see how it turns out. Also I think it was a little slow starting off, but Gruen’s overall writing style makes up for my lack of interest in the beginning of the book. This is book number 7 of the summer, so I’m kind of halfway there!

Still nothing…
Morgans (my current nickname at work)

PS The whole time I was writing this I thought, “I need to go to my room and look at who the author is because I can’t leave her name as _____” and after I remembered that it is 2014 and Google exists, I moved some papers and saw that the book had been a foot away from me the whole time. Good one, Hannah.


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